10 more web design terms you may need….


If you liked our last 10 web design terms you may need to know then here are some more:

  • Below the Fold

Basically this means content in the bottom half of the page i.e. the part of the page that is visible when the user arrives on the webpage for the first time so the user dors not need to scroll down to see it.

  • Browser

This refers to the piece of software installed on your machine that allows you to “surf the web”. Examples of which are Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

  • E-Commerce

This is the buying and selling online, using websites. The items can be physical or digital.

  • Favicon

Customizable iconsthat shows in the address bar in most browsers.

  • HTML

This stands for Hypertext Markup Language. The main language used to write websites its provides contene thata you see in the browser. Wihtout HTML the web wouldn’t work very well 🙂

  • Landing Page

This is the page that a person arrives at when they enter your site, this can be any page on your site and is not necessarily your home page.

  • Open Source

This can refer to computer programs that are available to the general public. They are usually free or  low cost and are developed by teams of people, sometimes comprised mostly of volunteers e.g. WordPress

  • Template

This is a file which is used to help create a design that can be consistant across a website. Content Management Systems use templates alot.

  • Web Server

This is a computer located on the internet that allows you to host your websites on you have to put your website files on one of these for your website to work.

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