How much does a site cost?

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Flying websiteThe number of times this is asked is….well MASSIVE. The standard response to this should be how long is a piece of string, you notice I typed – should be, there isn’t really a set price for a website as each site is different so the price must be worked out on a case by case basis.

Does site size matter?

If you are looking for a new site, even a small 5 – 6 pager you really need to sit down and have a chat with whomever you want to do the design and when I say sit down and chat I mean in the real world sense and not just over the phone.

A face to face gives you and the designer time to talk about the ins and outs of your requirements. It also, from a designers point of view, can give them an  insight to see what you are like this will help them work out the design you need, as the design reflects you the client.

If you want to have a chat and a meet up with me give me a call