Website Maintenance

 Once a site has been designed that’s not the “end of the story”.

Once the design is finished and the site is ready to go, it has to be put somewhere on the web to be shown to the world, this will require hosting.

These days any modern website runs on a CMS (Content Management System) and incorporates themes, plugins and potentially bespoke code. All of which must be updated and maintained to make sure the site is secure and up to date. The web changes quickly so we must always try to keep up.

Website Support Plans

So.. on that note, I can offer a number of different support plans for your website weather you host with me or not.

Why bother I hear you ask, well here’s a list:

  • Peace of mind as your site is in good hands
  • Cost is fixed so no surprises
  • Backups, should anything go wrong you can be up and running again quickly
  • Any security issues are sorted out promptly
  • More time on your business and I’m just a phone call / email away

*If you have had your site designed by me then I offer the basic support package for 1 year as part of the design quote.

Website support with no hosting…?

Not a problem, this is done on more of a bespoke basis. I can put together a package for you after a consultation. 

Any type of website can be catered for, from static HTML to a Wix site to WordPress and Shopify, to name but a few just contact me using your preferred manner. 

Please note....

* Backups are website only

 **Monthly website updates are for addition / changes to images, editing of text. Page and feature additions will be costed and charged separately

# Each email account above the quota for each package will be charged at £1 per month per mailbox

Hourly rate for website changes / additions if an update package is not selected or time spent exceeds the package :  £25 p/h